SAT Critical Reading Workbook (Advanced Practice Series) (Volume 4) by Khalid Khashoggi

SAT Critical Reading Workbook (Advanced Practice Series) (Volume 4)

Book Title: SAT Critical Reading Workbook (Advanced Practice Series) (Volume 4)

Publisher: ILEX Publishing

ISBN: 0991388364

Author: Khalid Khashoggi

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Khalid Khashoggi with SAT Critical Reading Workbook (Advanced Practice Series) (Volume 4)

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This workbook contains ten full-length SAT-equivalent critical reading tests, three sections each, which total 670 questions. Answer keys are included along with scoring charts. Answer explanations are available online. (Free 30-hour online vocab course included with purchase). Because it requires fine attention to detail and awareness of subtleties of tone and logic, the critical reading portion is one of the most tricky sections of the SAT. More than anything, consistent and rigorous practice is necessary for mastering this material. Such practice is exactly what this book – the latest in a series of expertly engineered SAT practice volumes – offers to students of all backgrounds. This book distills decades of knowledge from veteran SAT teachers, drawing in passages that have been tested and proven in live classroom settings. Like no other, the sentence completion and reading comprehension exercises in this book represent the wealth and variety of material on real and relevant SATs. Passages in literature, social sciences, the humanities, and the natural sciences – along with a multitude of sentence completion exercises of all difficulty levels – give students an accurate SAT experience in the comfort of their own homes. By using our materials, students will build the confidence they need to take control of the SAT. Even a section as notoriously difficult as the critical reading can be made manageable and approachable with these IES practice tests. Note: the practice sections of this book are formatted based on the SAT prior to the Spring 2016 Redesign. For the current SAT format, please search our newer IES titles under "Advanced Practice Series".