Ivy Global SSAT Math 2016, Edition 1.7 (Prep Book) by Ivy Global

Ivy Global SSAT Math 2016, Edition 1.7 (Prep Book)

Book Title: Ivy Global SSAT Math 2016, Edition 1.7 (Prep Book)

Publisher: Ivy Global

ISBN: 0989651622

Author: Ivy Global

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Ivy Global with Ivy Global SSAT Math 2016, Edition 1.7 (Prep Book)

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For Middle (Grades 5-7) and Upper (Grades 8-11) Level students only.

The SSAT Math Book is the complete guide to the SSAT Math sections. We recommend purchasing the SSAT Math book together with the Ivy Global SSAT English and Practice books for the most comprehensive SSAT preparation. The 3 books together offer over 1000+ pages of prep material. They are available for sale on Amazon.com and ssatprep.com.

The SSAT Math book is 327 pages and includes:

  • A complete introduction to the SSAT math section
  • Math prep strategies for both Middle and Upper Level exams and advanced strategies for the Upper Level exam
  • A thorough review of all the fundamental math concepts you will need to know for the SSAT, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data interpretation
  • Over 1,000 practice questions and drills
  • Online video tutorials for each math topic

    By leading you step-by-step through the fundamental content and most effective strategies for the SSAT, Ivy Global will help you build your confidence and maximize your score on this important exam.

    Please visit ssatprep.com for more details on Ivy Global SSAT products.